Antique Matsya Sculpture


Hand-painted antique clay sculpture of Matsya from Tamil Nadu in the 1930s/40s.

Matsya, is the first avatar/incarnation of the Hindu deity Vishnu and is half man and half fish. Matsya is believed to have saved earthly existence from the great flood. His upper hands carry the weapons associated with Vishnu, the conch shell and the discus. In his lower left hand, he holds a gada (a club or mace), which symbolises power and knowledge. The fourth hand is held up, palm outwards symbolizing the Abhayamudra, which represents protection, peace, benevolence and the dispelling of fear. Matsya is shown here in his characteristic blue colour and adorned with a gold crown and necklaces and garlanded with flowers. The blue at the base symbolises the ocean. Matsya is often invoked for protection from the sea and aquatic creatures. 

Postage available or local pick up from Willunga SA or Adelaide Eastern Suburbs.

 It's 24cm high, 7cm wide