Single Charpai Indian Daybed


This incredible charpai bed was hand-strung to order in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. It's nice and deep for lounging or could be used as a spare bed.

The sturdy antique wooden legs are painted red, and have a lovely, aged patina. The wooden frame is made with four cross pieces of wood using an incredibly strong mortise and tenon joint. No nails are used. A series of knotted ropes are woven around the frame by a skilled master craftsman creating a sturdy tensioned elasticity. A heavy custom cotton mattress is included, it is so comfortable and well made.

This amazing bed would be lovely by a fireplace or poolside/ verandah during the summer. Add some billowy linen curtains and amazing! It adds an incredible luxe feel and resort boho vibe to any room. Pick up only in Willunga, SA.

It's 170cm long, 110cm wide, 50cm high

We have a second double charpai bed for sale in another listing.